Facebook Fan?

November 25, 2010

Seems like everyone is on Facebook these days, and many companies have started up their own Facebook Fan pages in an attempt to get in the game. Looking at some of these is a good place to start when assessing what does and doesn’t work if you’re considering starting a Fan page of your own.

Looking at the Facebook fan pages for credit unions, Commonwealth Credit Union has one of the most popular ones with 3,176 people who have liked the page. They are very diligent with their updating, posting status updates daily. They utilize variety to keep their members engaged, including posting photos and video, providing information on their community involvement, and initiating a couple of discussion forums. To encourage their followers to check in often, they run a number of contests encouraging members to “like” the page, write on the wall, or suggest a friend “like” them. These efforts have resulted in a large base of followers, as well as active member participation on the page.

There are few steps Commonwealth could take to improve the page to ensure ongoing success. First, they should change the logo that is used when posting to a reversed logo so that it displays more prominently on the page. In addition, they should consider adding a customized landing page, similar to what Coast Capital Savings has done. This would add another interesting dimension to the page and allow them to tell a visitor something about their brand on a first encounter, rather than a visitor’s first impression being whatever is up on their wall that day. Finally, there was an instance where negative feedback was left on the wall and it went unaddressed. This was a missed opportunity to possibly prevent a lost member, and it makes it look like they are ignoring the feedback because they did not acknowledge it.

What Facebook Fan pages do you belong to? Who, in your opinion, does the best job on their Facebook page, and why?


How sociable of you.

November 21, 2010

Tracking and measuring activity on social media sites in an attempt to measure the effectiveness of your marketing program can pose a number of challenges. Namely there are few standards in place, and collecting information from blogs and social networking sites can be time-consuming and inexhaustive. Luckily there are a number of online tools available to assist with this, a number of which are free, and therefore available to those with the tightest budgets. Examples include Google Alerts, BackType, Tattler, and Twitalyzer.

HowSociable is another tool that provides a snapshot of a brand ‘s visibility on the social web. It does so by taking a set of benchmark results given to one globally recognised traditional brand and assigning it a score of 1000. Searched brands are then compared to this one on a sliding scale, so that even small, local brands register. The advantage of the site is that it is very easy to use and no sign up is required. In addition, the search is quick, so you can look at the scores of your direct competitors to gauge your performance in comparison.

A search for the BC based credit union, Coast Capital Savings, produced a score of 103. Some of the conversations that HowSociable located:

  1. I bank with Coast capital, really good service. Only available in Vancouver and the Island though.” (You Tube)
  2. Love Coast Capital Savings ad campaign-very funny. You, do the jig!” (Twitter)
  3. Thanks to the good people at Coast Capital Savings Credit Union. You are helping to change the future!” (Twitter)
  4. Love it……not that I AM THE BOSS! Good Job Coast Capital” (Facebook)
  5. Coast Capital Savings is now doing less for business customers with more of their $$$ since the business account service fee increased by $5 plus the new $5 fee charged for deposit books…not impressed!” (Facebook)
  6. Goodbye CIBC (so silly, they are not even on FB <— tellling); HELLO! Coast Capital Savings!!!” (Facebook)
  7. Coast ROCKS!!!! Just switched to Coast Capital Insurance for the insurance on my rental suite (condo in Langley). Another provider was gonna charge me $279/yr but I paid only $99 with CCS!!! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!!” (Facebook)
  8. “I have the funnest unBank RT @coast_capital Our You’re the Boss butlers hit the streets this am. Check out the pics http://on.fb.me/c05IDR&#8221; (Twitter)
  9. Coast Capital gave me a car loan when I didn’t even have a credit card..luv them!” (Twitter)
  10. I REALLY REALLY LOVE @Coast_Capital. IT’s just so crazy having a bank that wants to help” (Twitter)

Looking at the conversations above, 8 of them are positive, 1 neutral, and 1 negative. Overall, the sentiment is positive, people feel that Coast Capital is fun, creative, helpful, and a cost-effective banking/insurance solution.  

This is a quick snapshot that is easily done regularly to see if your brand is improving or regressing in social media presence, giving you a good idea of the overall sentiment of comments. This is a good starting point for assessing the impact your activities are having and identifying areas for improvement. 

What free social media tracking sites have you used? Are there any that have performed better than others for you?

Social Media Press Release

November 14, 2010

Contact information:

Gwen Hardy
Elettra Communications
phone: 604.738.3870
cell: 604.809.0062


  • B.C.’s credit unions are enlisting young adults to help them give $100,000 to local charities as part of a province-wide communications program led by Central 1 Credit Union to help build the credit union brand across B.C.
  • The charitable portion of the campaign uses a Facebook fan page to distribute $100,000 to charities. Thirty-two charities are eligible to receive the funds, each focuses on issues important to young adults such as sports, culture, education, health, and the environment.
  • The campaign, Be Remarkable, is focused on showing young adults aged 18 to 29 how credit unions can help them meet their personal goals.
  • Additional campaign activities, information, and services will be rolled out on the site. The campaign is supported by an online media buy, TV ads (created by Wasserman + Partners Advertising), and on-campus media executions including interactive ‘stunt’ ATMs. This campaign is the first collaboration from Central 1 and Noise Digital, a relationship announced earlier this year.

Additional multimedia available upon request.


Martin Reed, Central1‘s Director, Marketing & Creative Services:

“During the first stage of the campaign we are introducing young adults to credit unions and showing them why credit unions are relevant to them. We want them to understand how we can help them achieve their goals, big or small.”

Mark Nishiguchi, Managing Partner, Noise Digital:

“By directly involving young people in giving back to their communities, we are demonstrating the values that set the credit union system apart from other financial institutions.”

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