What’s in a name?

October 25, 2011

So you read my earlier post on Bank Transfer Day and got all up to speed on the cause. And then when you  took the dog out that afternoon, or when you were lying in bed trying to fall asleep that night, or when you were rinsing your hair in the shower the next morning, it hit you – who on earth decided to call it Bank Transfer Day?

I know, it’s a little eerie how I know that happened to you. Or maybe I just assume that everyone is like my colleague who asked me that question this morning.

Well fear not! Other people are also contemplating this. So jump in on the conversation and wow us all with the better name you came up with last night while you were feeding your cat, this morning when you were pouring milk on your cereal, or this afternoon when you were running for the bus.

I know, it’s a little eerie how I know that’s when you come up with your best ideas.