How sweet it is.

November 4, 2011

An article on today boasts Consumers Sour on Big Banks, Sweet on Credit Unions. The headline refers to a Harris Interactive poll, the results of which indicate that consumer sentiment has taken a turn for the worst against big banks. Not only that, but people love their credit unions!

The online survey shows that credit union members are twice as likely to be very or extremely satisfied than bank customers, and nearly nine out of 10 members say they are very or extremely likely to continue using their credit union. Not to mention that credit union members report a better overall experience than bank users, and are more likely to feel valued as a customer.

Granted the survey took place in the US, but with all the buzz north of the 49th parallel around Bank Transfer Day, one could deduce that Canadians may be less than enthused with their bank as well. With BTD taking place tomorrow, it remains to be seen whether dissatisfaction is great enough to motivate people to make the switch.



What’s in a name?

October 25, 2011

So you read my earlier post on Bank Transfer Day and got all up to speed on the cause. And then when you  took the dog out that afternoon, or when you were lying in bed trying to fall asleep that night, or when you were rinsing your hair in the shower the next morning, it hit you – who on earth decided to call it Bank Transfer Day?

I know, it’s a little eerie how I know that happened to you. Or maybe I just assume that everyone is like my colleague who asked me that question this morning.

Well fear not! Other people are also contemplating this. So jump in on the conversation and wow us all with the better name you came up with last night while you were feeding your cat, this morning when you were pouring milk on your cereal, or this afternoon when you were running for the bus.

I know, it’s a little eerie how I know that’s when you come up with your best ideas.

Pumped up kicks.

October 24, 2011

Sometime last week you may have noticed that Vancity is sporting some fancy new kicks. Well, word on the street is that the new look is the result of their recent efforts to refocus their brand. The result? Make Good Money™.

The largest credit union in Canada has more than 415,000 members and has gained recognition for its corporate social responsibility and community involvement. Through their last rebrand emerged the common theme of intersections.

“This is a visual reminder that Vancity journeys down the whole road of life with members and staff. Intersections represent the emotional and financial turning points in our members’ lives, where Vancity applies its key skills and services”.

The result was a rotation of the V in the wordmark and crossing them to create an intersection, and the accompanying gradients of colour were intended to represent the spectrum of services available.

The shiny new brand direction is meant to increase awareness of their commitment to member wealth through competitive products and services, as well as financial literacy education.

“The twist is how they make member money work; Vancity makes smart investments in their communities – loans to local businesses, support to community projects – with a focus on affordable housing, local, natural and organic food, and the environment and energy efficiency. The result: members meet their financial goals; their communities thrive; which means each member is even better off. In short, Vancity’s approach is game-changing”.

The result is a look that features imagery of members engaging in every day activities across the lower mainland and Vancouver island. The use of popular local landmarks like the Grouse Mountain Skyride and Skytrain contribute to givwe it all the feeling of a scrapbook that tells the Vancity story, complete with paper cut-out journaling. The result is less polished, and less bright, but very relatable. Watch the new commercial.

Then tell us if you prefer the oldie-but-goodie standbys, or the new pumped up kicks Vancity is sporting.