How sweet it is.

November 4, 2011

An article on today boasts Consumers Sour on Big Banks, Sweet on Credit Unions. The headline refers to a Harris Interactive poll, the results of which indicate that consumer sentiment has taken a turn for the worst against big banks. Not only that, but people love their credit unions!

The online survey shows that credit union members are twice as likely to be very or extremely satisfied than bank customers, and nearly nine out of 10 members say they are very or extremely likely to continue using their credit union. Not to mention that credit union members report a better overall experience than bank users, and are more likely to feel valued as a customer.

Granted the survey took place in the US, but with all the buzz north of the 49th parallel around Bank Transfer Day, one could deduce that Canadians may be less than enthused with their bank as well. With BTD taking place tomorrow, it remains to be seen whether dissatisfaction is great enough to motivate people to make the switch.



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